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Here is a list of people that support gun control, with data on how many people they murdered.

Adolf Hitler: Murdered 20 Million people, instituted gun control first

Joseph Stalin: Murdered up to 100 Million people, used gun control

Mao Zedong: Murdered up to 100 Million people, he loved gun control

Pol Pot: killed 1/3rd of the population of Cambodia, used gun control to do it.  5 Million dead.

Ku Klux Klan: Murdered 4700 by 1968  Started gun control in the USA in order to disarm blacks.

If you agree with all of the people and groups listed above then maybe you need to question whether you are really on the right side of this issue.  Being lumped together in that group of mass murderers would not make me comfortable.

The point has been made many times that if the Jews had been armed they could have resisted Adolf Hitlers "Final Solution".  I've seen gun control advocates laugh at this statement as if it were ridiculous.  The only thing ridiculous is the gun control advocates and their total lack of historical knowledge on a subject as important as the Holocaust.  Read up on the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising of 1943 to see what I mean.  In this uprising Jews who did still have a few weapons held 2000 Nazi SS troops at bay for four weeks.  If only the Jews had been well armed the Nazi's would have been wiped out before they killed even a million Jews.  The Jews proved they had the motivation, the courage and the skill to resist in Warsaw.  They lacked only the equipment.

The Nazi SS outnumbered the armed Jews 10 to one, and the Nazi's had tanks and better equipment.  The Jews still held them off for four weeks and inflicted heavy casualties with only 200 guns.  If you take the Warsaw uprising as the basis, and extrapolate what the Nazi casualties would be if Jews were armed at the same rate as american citizens, then you will easily see that the Nazi SS which had about 1.2 million members would have run out of soldiers due to casualties before they finished murdering 2 million total.  Since they killed around 20 million (6 million of which were Jews) this is only 10% of the total the Nazi's actually killed.  Hitler would have killed about 2 million innocent people, and about 600,000 of them would have been Jews.  That would have been a resounding success in stopping tyranny.  Too bad the Germans didn't believe in the right to bear arms.

Here is a study going over all counties in the United States from 1977 to 1992.  It shows that concealed carry has a significant effect in reducing crime.

For a change of pace here are some satirical videos on gun control.
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