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Here are some resources on the subject: 

Bill Whittle #1 With a Bullet and understanding the 2nd Amendment

The Australia Objection by Vernaculis and a Rebuttal 

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Murder Rates by Country

Gun Ownership Rates by Country

Crime rates by City  and crime rates by state

Playlist on gun control by The Justicar

When the UK passed a handgun ban in 1997 the immediate effect was to increase the murder rate by 50%.

Citation from John Lott's research.  The murder rates didn't go down again till the UK heavily increased their police force. 

For those that think you don't need to defend yourself from the government because they will never hurt you, here are some incidents in American history that prove this is wrong:

Revolutionary War against tyrannical British government in 1776

Trail of Tears in 1830

Haun's Mill Massacre in 1838

US military occupation of Salt Lake City, Utah in 1857

The Democrat Party creates a terrorist organisation named the Ku Klux Klan in 1866

United States vs. Cruikshank in 1876

Internment of Japanese Americans in 1942

Battle of Athens in 1946 (McMinn County War)

MOVE bombing in 1985

Ruby Ridge in 1992  (police ordered to execute a man AND HIS FAMILY, on sight)

The best illustration of why people need to be able to defend themselves from their own government would be right after the civil war.  At this time racists were actually in the minority, and the Democrat party which supported slavery was rapidly losing congressional seats to blacks.  As the blacks organized and began turning out to vote in higher numbers the Democrat party realized they could not win in a fair election because blacks were nearly 50% of the population, and too many whites supported equal rights for blacks.  They developed a strategy to keep their party in power despite being in the minority.  This strategy can be summed up as terrorism.  The democrat party created the Ku Klux Klan to go around and murder blacks and white Republicans to scare them away from the voting booth.

In the years between the end of the civil war and the founding of the KKK hundreds of blacks were elected to office. Once the KKK started their activities blacks would go almost a hundred years before they got another of their own elected in the south.  How was the KKK so successful when they were heavily outnumbered?  They instituted the same rule every other tyrannical government has instituted to protect their evil from the general population. They instituted gun control.   Check wikipedia for the term "Saturday Night Special" which goes over the racist past of gun control.  Early examples of gun control include the Army and Navy law of 1879, but there were laws even before that which were ruled unconstitutional.