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How do we Raise Wages?

If we had a voucher system in our public schools then the schools would be responsive to the needs of their students.

For students in rich neighborhoods they are likely to want simple university preparation.

Students in poor areas probably need more immediate help in finding a job that pays well.  Poor students are less likely to go to university, and so the schools in these areas should not focus 100% of their attention on that goal.

As mentioned before, a New York school spends about $600,000 per classroom.  If we assume that the teacher gets $120,000 of that in salary and benefits and that another $80,000 per classroom is spent on the building that leaves $400,000 for other expenses.  This is a lot of money to play with, and here is how I would spend it to raise wages, instead of whatever we are currently spending that money on. 

Identify high paying jobs that do not require a 4 year degree and teach classes in those.

Here are some examples:  Welder, Pipe Fitter, Diesel Mechanic, Commercial Truck Driver, Nurse or Medical Assistant.

Then identify high paying jobs that do require higher education, but are currently in high demand due to a shortage and teach classes intended to help students get into those programs and careers.

Examples include:  Doctor, Mechanical Engineer, Software Engineer

Finally identify jobs that pay well and are something that students would enjoy learning about.  

Teach classes in these areas both to help students get jobs and to encourage students to come to school and enjoy it.

Examples include Airline Pilot, Race Car Mechanic, ATV Mechanic, Video Game Developer.

We can make the job training classes available to those who are no longer high school students as a benefit for those below the poverty line.  Free job training allows a person to get himself out of low wages, and into much higher wages by learning a valuable skill.

Productivity is the key to high wages.  Produce a lot, and you will be worth a lot to your company.  If you are worth a lot to your company, then they can afford to pay you a lot.  If your company refuses to pay you what you are worth, then go find another company who will.  As long as your skills are worth a lot, then you will easily find a job that will pay a log.  

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