Political Reform

Youtube Channels

News Channels

Paul Watson's Channel

The Rubin Report  Politics, News and Discussion

Reason TV and their greatest hits  and PJ Media

The Daily Wire

Peter Schiff's channel : discussion on economic news

​x22 report economic news

The Rebel Media News Channel

Louder With Crowder youtube channel

Politics and Commentary

Stefan Molyneux's Channel  an Anarchist/Libertarian/Philosopher 

​Critical thinking on a lot of subjects by Thunderf00t  check out his playlist on Feminism

Ukippers (UK Independence Party)
RobinHoodUKIP Channel

The Angry Foreigner discusses Sweden's problems

Pat Condell discusses politics and common sense
Lauren Southern a Canadian Libertarian and journalist
BraveTheWorld A channel on libertarian thought and bitcoin

Libertarian discussions by That Guy T


CGP Grey explains the Alternative Vote

​Encounter Books :  Political Videos  and website

Pragar University's Channel


GamerGate and other subjects by Sargon of Akkad

Gaming Commentary by Top Hats and Champagne

#GamerGate explained by SyrianGirlPartisan  

Vernaculis an independent journalist and commentator

The Justicar comentator on current events

Chris Ray Gun  on games, gamergate, politics and music

LifeHack, how to create a gun free america in 5 easy steps

Ben Shapiro Thug Life Channel

ShoeOnHead's youtube channel

Skagg 3 on youtube