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Immigration Reform

How to do it without getting a bunch of hispanic kids killed

Boarder officials have found the bodies of over 250 hispanics along our southern boarder this year in one county alone.  Estimates are that this accounts for only a quarter of the total.  Some of these deaths are children.  In addition to the deaths along our boarder, there are also many who are killed, mutilated, raped or kidnapped and sold into slavery long before they ever get close to the US border.

Our current system has a carrot and stick approach.  This would be a good idea, except the carrot and stick are motivating people in exactly the wrong way.  They are motivating people to cross the boarder illegally with the assistance of organized crime.

If you try to immigrate legally you are punished with a complex, time consuming and expensive system.  You will spend years struggling with a frustrating and error prone process.  Each mistake will set you back months if not years.  This is the stick that punishes people for trying to obey the law.

The carrot is the reward of amnesty promised to anyone who can get across the boarder before they are caught.  Obama makes this carrot more tempting every time he talks about letting illegals stay, or granting deferred status to different segments of the illegal population.  What could be better then to gain citizenship without all the pain and expense of the legal immigration system.  With such a juicy bribe its no wonder we have a lot of people accepting that bribe and crossing our border illegally. 

The problem as I mentioned above is the death toll among hispanics.  This death toll is occurring because people are going through organized crime to get into the US instead of going to the US embassy.

I have no objection to having lots of new immigrants enter the US each year.  I do object to getting several thousand prospective Americans killed.

How do we keep our immigrants alive?  Reverse the carrot and stick approach.  Instead of rewarding illegal immigration and punishing legal immigration we need to punish illegal immigration and reward legal immigration.